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Juvenile Nino 800 Degreez

4.0 ( 5520 ratings )
Juegos Acción Aventura
Desarrollador Cool Cans & Company
2.99 USD

The newest, hottest game has arrived on IOS! This is the Juvenile Ninos 800 Degreez video game that you can play from the palms of your hands.
Rule the Magnolia--Never Back Down-- Increase Your Rep---In Juvenile Ninos action packed game where you can win the most! The high quality HD images and animation will make you feel like youre really there!
-->This is an adventure game that will excite and engage a true gamers heart. It is good & clean gaming fun without any lengthy tutorials. Choose a player to start the missions wearing White Tees, Rees and Beaus or camouflage! The fight to be Second in-charge is on the way. Unlock Projects in the city as the game progress! Fun for all true fans!
-->Juvenile Nino is a Legend whose swag is apart of everyday life in New Orleans, LA. and aboard. The anxiety and energy that you feel is an evoke competitive spirit & immense nostalgia brought to you now in the palm of your hands.
But dont take our word for it! Check out what other players have said about our Juvenile Ninos 800 Degreez:
---------> “By far the best action packed app to come out of New Orleans ever, way better then the other games out there. I caught on from the instant… and the talking scenes are the best!”
---------> “This game has really great graphics. The scenes from New Orleans, the whole Magnolia old side and new side so beautiful I dont want to put it down!”
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